Cloud Tagging as an ART Form

Cloud Tagging as an ART Form

Andre Besselaar

Andre Besselaar

Tag clouds are visualizations of term frequencies.

Tag clouds allows you to see common terms in text

by grouping like terms together and emphasizing frequent terms.

A cloud tag is therefore a visually representation of the word content of a web site or any document.

Using the Wikepedia definition of cloud Tagging and some software one can come up with a cloud tag representing the content in a variety of colours and styles:

Example of converting a wiki page to a cloud tag

Many more variations of the same page are possible.

So actually making a tag cloud is an easy process using software that formats the words used in articles according to frequency of use and then graphically represent them as a visualization of the article.

But as an art form one would use this easy process to create meaningful art pieces.

Art should mean something.

This is how an artists expresses issues, visions,  and the way they see or interpret the world

For example I used 4 online news articles featuring the Egyptian crisis as on the 1st of February 2011 to visualize how each newspaper represented the situation to their readership.

Los Angeles Times                                         CNN

Time                                                                    BBC

In this case I used the exact same color, font and shape to be able to compare them equally in terms of the word representation.

One can clearly see that there are major differences in how each article places emphasis on certain words or use words.

It took me all of 30 minutes to create these cloud visualizations of the Egyptian situation and exhibited with the original articles it will make a statement as to how events are reported on and other observations.

By using (free) available software one can change colours, background, fonts, orientation, number of words used and a variety of other parameters to visualize the data exactly.

Using cloud tagging as an art form to visualize any text or to create text deliberately to express oneself is a rewarding art form as the mechanics are left up to a program to formulate and one is free to just concentrate on what one wants to express, a highly personalized process.

I took one more stab at it and used to see how ‘art’ can be visualised using tag cloud methodology:

I am sure if one takes as many definition sources as possible one can create a great tag cloud visualization of art to print out and frame or exhibit as an unusual piece of art work.

One can also deliberately use words to form a ‘bold type of statement type of cloud tag:

I was curious how this article word tag cloud would look and in conclusion here it is!

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